GAS BIJOUX is proud to reveal its first collaboration with the Filipino actress, Love Marie, also known as Heart Evangelista.
A multi-talented performer, Love Marie has been a style icon in her country and the Asian continent, since her early appearances. An instant and mutual love affair began after she noticed Gas Bijoux’s creations during a Parisian sojourn. Quite obviously, the aspiration to combine her sense of creativity and her elegant taste to our savoir-faire and our solar trademark, was initiated.
At the dawn of the Summer season, two themes are brought to light. First, the “Santa Love” creations, whose hard-stone charms are playful hints to the Filipino celebrity’s crushes.
Next, the “Liane Heart” bracelets, hoop earrings and rings, that come adorned with bright green, red or nude brilliants. An array of models that we willingly want to compile.
A true Love Story, enlivened by the sun. That of a never-ending summer, from Marseille to Manilla.