MARIA DOLORES is a luxury fashion jewellery brand from Brazil, known for its innovative and creative design. 

The company is named after its founder, who as the head designer, releases several collections each year.

The pieces are instant hits among women of remarkable attitude and sophisticated style.
Clients are drawn to the high-end materials, Brazilian stones and the exclusive designs of each collection.
Maria Dolores has a strong fashion appeal, which has attracted the interest of celebrities and personalities from the fashion world.

These exclusive designs have the power to turn everyday outfits into refined and unforgettable looks.
Today Maria Dolores accessories sell through 11 exclusive stores, 2 showrooms, e-commerce, re-sellers and multi-brand department stores.

The brand has quickly expanded and now has a presence in all major metropolitan areas of Brazil and also in 8 other countries.
It can be found in major fashion hubs such as New York City, Paris and Barcelona.